The Fragrance of Grass

Guy DL Valdene


The writer Guy de la Valdene has written a lovely book, The Fragrance of Grass. I received it as a gift and I have given it to some close friends. My friend Joe Furia wrote this about it – “I have over 200 hunting books and this is the best hunting memoir I’ve read. It’s really more about life, but happens to focus on the life of a bird hunter.”

That is a pretty big endorsement – I am very pleased, though I did not find that book on my own.

My friend Brad Cloepfil, an architect and frustrated outdoorsman, gave the book to me as a holiday gift in December, and I immediately knew it would be a good read for bird hunters and dog people alike. Brad works too hard – plenty hard enough to have earned and enjoyed more time afield – and he definitely has an eye for the defining features of anything important – liquor, women, sport, structures and literature.


Brad was seduced by the romance of Mr. de la Valdene’s time in the field. I think he loved it because it made him feel as though he had hunted along side the writer in each chapter. As to Joe’s strong endorsement, keep in mind that he is pre-disposed to like this book because the author runs Brittany’s as does Joe. Despite Joe’s prejudice, I believe this to be a worthy recommendation whether it was your first hunting book or your 200th.

I would like to have the chance to walk some fields with Mr. de la Valdene and drink the evening away afterwards.

Hmmmm, now that I think about that, I am reminded that is what all of us do – we float the rivers and walk the fields together or alone – then gather to enjoy telling stories of our trips over beers and whisky.

We are lucky boys indeed.

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