Shore Lunch


One of the nice things about winter steelhead fishing is the high likelihood of taking a break to eat.  Waist deep in cold water in the rain will take its toll.  Without some sustenance your casting and wading both suffer and that means an encounter with an elusive quarry becomes even more so.

Bringing a camp stove or grill means soup, tea, or, as on this trip, grilled asparagus, bell peppers, antelope steak, tuna medallions and smoked duck.

Skagit Master Jeff Mishler hosted our BC steelhead friend Ehor Boyanowsky and I for a day of fishing on the Clackamas River last week.  Ehor has yet to see a winter steelhead landed in the lower 48 and though that record remains intact, it did not dampen our enthusiasm for a day-long pursuit of winter chrome.

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