Last Day of the Upland Bird Season


Posey and I drove into Kloan on the last day of the upland bird season. The dirt road in before the canyon rim was barely passable – the dusty summer clay was an ankle deep or better slurry of gripping mud. The old wagon road down the canyon was in fine shape however. Once down to bottom, Posey and I had a nice hike back to the top of the canyon rim. There we found a half-acre chukar penthouse – judging by the amount of bird poop on the rimrock. Heard one bird flush, saw another but missed on my only shot just as we crested the top. Sadly we were not in a position to see where the chukar flew off to and never came across them on our way down.

First time I have been to the Deschutes without any fishing gear – felt weird – but found a case someone dropped that was full of really nice homemade spinners. Wondered if I could find enough discarded line to hand-line one of the spinners in Freebridge.

First time in six months that Hotrocks was open……..summer steelheading is right around the corner!

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